Constant, specialised information that is turned into knowledge is one of the main assets for success today is reaching the company´s strategic objetives. An understanding of economic, political and security dynamics, as well as of the select partners, is an essential tool for guiding the company´s bussiness safely and correctly.

The objetive of Strategic Analisys division is to provide the client with analyses and reports useful for planning company policy, giving the decisión-marker an indispensable informational support to gude it effectively in its managerial choices.

Specialised information is the primary tool for preventing problems and taking due precautions promptly.

The Analisys:
• Description of the specific risk
• Identification of the actors involved
• Identification of the social groups affected
• National goverment institutions involved and having jurisdiction in resolving crisis
• Worsening or transformation of situations already reported
• Analisys of actions to be taken and possible ways out of the crisis
• Analisys of development in the political situation

The products:
Hight risk markets
Country profiles
Brief and extended reports
Social conflict and subversion monitoring centre
Weekly Reports

International Development





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La Paz